Samuel Knafo

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Spinal cord injury is a devastating condition for which there is still no cure. Many new therapies have emerged in the past few decades that have attempted to improve the outcome after injury, with varying levels of supporting experimental and clinical data. Most studies have been preliminary and have lacked control groups, but positive results can often be(More)
This article examines connections between Colombia's internal armed conflict and agrarian questions. It pays attention to the country's specific historical trajectory of agrarian change, the violent expression of social tensions that this elicited, and the particular ways in which these dynamics were influenced by a changing global context. This analysis of(More)
The Series aims to publish innovative research that attempts to shed light on and advance our understanding of the forces that influence the production, reproduction and change of our social universe, and thus our multiple ways of being and becoming in the international. To meet this aim the Series will try to foster the inter-and multidisciplinary study of(More)
Samuel Knafo is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Sussex. He completed a thesis at York University (Toronto) on the rise of modern monetary policy and the gold standard. Abstract: This article discusses the origins of the speculative configuration that has come to characterize English banking. It criticizes Gerschenkron's view that(More)
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