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Implementations of mobile games have become prevalent industrial technology due to the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices. However, simultaneous-movement multiplayer games – games that a player competes simultaneously with other players – are usually affected by such parameters as latency, type of game architecture and type of communication technology.(More)
Attendance Management System (AMS) is the easiest way to keep track of attendance for community organisations for day-to-day monitoring of attendance and manpower analysis. AMS comes in four types. These are Manual, Biometric, Card-based or E-Commerce systems. This paper presents the implementation of an AMS that is based on Bluetooth and NFC technologies(More)
Conventional sorting algorithms make use of such data structures as array, file and list which define access methods of the items to be sorted. These traditional methods – exchange sort, divide and conquer sort, selection sort and insertion sort – require supervisory control program. The supervisory control program has access to the items and is responsible(More)
An auction market is a market in which buyers enter competitive bids and sellers enter competitive offers at the same time. Many negotiation systems have been proposed that rely on adequate and precise information provided by the negotiation parties for making their decisions. This paper provides mechanisms for addressing inadequate or missing information(More)
Current Network devices have been implemented with sensors that automatically detect and accordingly manage the various functional cables of a twisted pair cable. This paper research into the effect of randomly arranging twisted pair cables on communication and the complications associated with manual termination with RJ 45 connectors. Different sets of(More)
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