Samuel Ken-En Gan

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SUMMARY There have been numerous applications developed for decoding and visualization of ab1 DNA sequencing files for Windows and MAC platforms, yet none exists for the increasingly popular smartphone operating systems. The ability to decode sequencing files cannot easily be carried out using browser accessed Web tools. To overcome this hurdle, we have(More)
Strategies to control HIV for improving the quality of patient lives have been aided by the Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART), which consists of a cocktail of inhibitors targeting key viral enzymes. Numerous new drugs have been developed over the past few decades but viral resistances to these drugs in the targeted viral enzymes are increasingly(More)
In biomedical research, gel band size estimation in electrophoresis analysis is a routine process. To facilitate and automate this process, numerous software have been released, notably the GelApp mobile app. However, the band detection accuracy is limited due to a band detection algorithm that cannot adapt to the variations in input images. To address(More)
Staining SDS-PAGE is commonly used in protein analysis for many downstream characterization processes. Although staining and destaining protocols can be adjusted, they can be laborious, and faint bands often become false negatives. Similarly, these faint bands hinder automated software band detections that are necessary for quantitative analyses. To(More)
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