Samuel K. Gutierrez

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Open MPI provides an implementation of the MPI standard supporting communication over a range of highperformance network interfaces. Recently, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) collaborated on creating a port of Open MPI for Gemini, the network interface for Cray XE and XK systems. In this paper, we present our(More)
Open MPI is a widely used open-source implementation of the MPI-2 standard that supports a variety of platforms and interconnects. Current versions of Open MPI, however, lack support for the Cray XE6 and XK6 architectures – both of which use the Gemini System Interconnect. In this paper, we present extensions to natively support these architectures within(More)
As high-performance systems continue to expand in power and size, scalable communication and data transfer is necessary to facilitate next generation monitoring and analysis. Many popular frameworks such as MapReduce, MPI and MRNet utilize scalable reduction operations to fulfill the performance requirements of a large distributed system. The structures to(More)
The push towards exascale computing has sparked a new set of explorations for providing new productive programming environments. While many efforts are focusing on the design and development of domain-specific languages (DSLs), few have addressed the need for providing a fully domain-aware toolchain. Without such domain awareness critical features for(More)
Hybrid parallel program models that combine message passing and multithreading (MP+MT) are becoming more popular, extending the basic message passing (MP) model that uses single-threaded processes for both inter- and intra-node parallelism. A consequence is that coupled parallel applications increasingly comprise MP libraries together with MP+MT libraries(More)
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