Samuel J. Lomonaco

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The purpose of these lecture notes is to provide readers, who have some mathematical background but little or no exposure to quantum mechanics and quantum computation, with enough material to begin reading the research literature in quantum computation, quantum cryptography, and quantum information theory. This paper is a written version of the first of(More)
Let K be a CW complex with an aspherical splitting, i.e., with subcomplexes ϋΓ_ and K + such that (a) K—K-UK+ and (b) iΓ_, K 0 =K-ΠK +1 K + are connected and aspherical. The main theorem of this paper gives a practical procedure for computing the homology H*K of the universal cover K of K. It also provides a practical method for computing the algebraic(More)
This paper proposes the definition of a quantum knot as a linear superposition of classical knots in three dimensional space. The definition is constructed and applications are discussed. Then the paper details extensions and also limitations of the Aravind Hypothesis for comparing quantum measurement with classical topological measurement. We propose a(More)