Samuel Herrick

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449 Gross revenues from marine capture fisheries worldwide are estimated at between US$80 billion and 85 billion annually1–3. As a primary industry4, fisheries support the wellbeing of nations through direct employment in fishing, processing and ancillary services amounting to between US$220 billion and 235 billion annually in 2003 (ref. 5). Globally, fish(More)
To distinguish between the effects of larval and callow excitation at the start of the nomadic phase in the army antNeivamyrmex nigrescens, the larval brood of an early nomadic colony was removed and replaced with a pupal brood from an early statary colony. Because the queen maintained her egg-laying cycle, the introduced pupae eclosed several days before(More)
The ovarian follicular reserve has been linked to fertility in cattle. Young adult cattle with low vs. high numbers of antral follicles ≥ 3 mm in diameter in follicular waves also have fewer preantral follicles and decreased fertility. This underscores the importance of understanding the factors that regulate early follicular development and establish the(More)
In cattle, primordial follicles form before birth. Fetal ovarian capacity to produce progesterone and estradiol is high before follicle formation begins and decreases around the time follicles first appear (around 90 days of gestation). However, mechanisms that regulate steroid production during this time remain unclear. We hypothesized that LH stimulates(More)
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