Samuel Hartmann

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IGBT power modules used in traction applications undergo large load variations. Thermo-mechanically induced stress then leads to material fatigue which limits the module's lifetime. In this paper a method is presented for non-destructively quantifying the chip solder degradation during a power cycling experiment. The method is based on measuring the cooling(More)
Increasing operating voltages of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules results in higher demands on electrical insulation capabilities as well as partial discharge resistance. This paper discusses the insulation failure modes observed in high voltage power modules; most critical are water trees, partial discharge (PD) and electrical trees.(More)
To enable smaller and more cost efficient inverter designs, new power modules are designed for low losses, reliable operation at high temperature, high current and high switching frequencies. The IGBT module design presented in this paper features large silicon active area for low on-state losses, good internal temperature distribution, high current(More)
Silicone gels are widely used as dielectric insulation in telecommunication, electronics and automotive markets. The reason is found in the unique combination of mechanical and electrical properties, especially the softness, the deform-ability, and the tackiness of the gel. These properties of the silicone gels make them suitable for the use in the package(More)
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