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BACKGROUND Few studies have explored influences on mental health of migrants moving between non-Western countries. METHODS Focus group discussions were used to explore the experiences of Ethiopian female domestic migrants to Middle Eastern countries, comparing those who developed severe mental illness with those remaining mentally well. DISCUSSION(More)
  • S Packer
  • 1998
Chronic intake of ergot, a chemical present in bread blighted by ergot-producing fungi, results in a wide variety of neuropsychiatric and vascular symptoms. The symptomatology and epidemiology of outbreaks of ergot poisoning are traced, and are shown to coincide with the emergence of Jewish mystical movements, such as the early Pietist movement in Germany,(More)
Data published by others have shown that thiouracil (TU) is taken up selectively during melanin synthesis following trace doses of labeled TU. The concentration in newly forming mel anin has been attributed to the incorporation of TU as a "false precursor" in the biosynthetic pathway of melanin. Information made available previously has been in terms of(More)
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict) in partial fulfillment of the task "Effectiveness of Humanitarian Air Drop Operations." The objective of this effort was to provide a description and analysis of the various phases, locations, and costs of the U.S. portion of the humanitarian air drop operations in(More)
For at least 50 years informed consent in medicine has focused on the principle of autonomy. Recently, attention has been given to informed consent being a shared decision. A primary mandate to do what is in the best interest of the patient still remains. The shared view looks to expand beyond the dyadic image of doctor and patient, to acknowledge the(More)
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