Samuel Guerin

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A method that combines co-evaporation of pure elements from multiple finite-size sources on temperature-controlled substrates with independently controlled source shutters has been used for the synthesis of solid-state material combinatorial libraries. The source shutters are positioned to achieve a controlled gradient of the deposited elements across the(More)
Combinatorial methods have been applied to the preparation and screening of fuel cell electrocatalysts. Hardware and software have been developed for fast sequential measurements of cyclic voltammetric and steady-state currents in 64-element half-cell arrays. The arrays were designed for the screening of high-surface-area supported electrocatalysts.(More)
Palladium films with regular nanoarchitectures were electrochemically deposited from the hexagonal (H1) lyotropic liquid crystalline phase of the nonionic surfactant octaethyleneglycol monohexadecyl ether (C16EO8) onto micromachined silicon hotplate structures. The H1-e Pd films were shown to have high surface areas (approximately 28 m2 g(-1)) and to act as(More)
A high-throughput method for physical vapor deposition has been applied to the synthesis of libraries of supported gold particles on amorphous substoichiometric TiO(x)() and carbon supports. The TiO(x)() substrate stoichiometry can be varied or kept constant across a supporting sample, and subsequent deposition of particle sizes on supports are controlled(More)
A combinatorial synthetic methodology based on evaporation sources under an ultrahigh vacuum has been used to directly synthesize compositional gradient thin film libraries of the amorphous phases of GeSbTe alloys at room temperature over a wide compositional range. An optical screen is described that allows rapid parallel mapping of the(More)
For more than 15 years researchers at the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of Southampton have been developing novel compositions of chalcogenide glasses for a wide range of optical applications. Recently this expertise has been combined with those of Ilika Technologies Ltd and the School of Chemistry to focus on the development of enhanced(More)
We report the application of a new method for the high-throughput synthesis and screening of thin film materials and its application to the discovery of electrocatalysts. Results are presented for the PtPdAu ternary alloy system with respect to activity for oxygen reduction. The results reveal an enhancement in activity for a range of PtPd alloy(More)
A novel high-throughput technique has been developed for the investigation of the influence of supported metal particle size and the support on electrocatalytic activity. Arrays with a gradation of catalyst particle sizes are fabricated in a physical vapor deposition system that also allows selection of the support material. Simultaneous electrochemical(More)
Libraries of mixed-metal hydride materials are synthesized on a silicon microfabricated array of "hot-plate" MEMS devices, which allow high-throughput screening using temperature programmed desorption and infrared thermography. The heating plate of the MEMS device is a membrane with low heat capacity, allowing fast and localized temperature control and the(More)
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