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This descriptive study takes stock of the nation's health services and health policy research capacity by profiling the organizational models, operational challenges and success strategies utilized by Canadian academic health policy research centres. While each such centre is unique, the results point to some common themes, including symbiotic relationships(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe factors contributing to the decision-making processes of elderly persons as they formulate advance directives in long-term care. DESIGN AND METHODS This study was qualitative, based on grounded theory. Recruitment was purposive and continued until saturation was reached. Nine residents of a long-term-care(More)
BACKGROUND Primary care reform initiatives in Ontario are proceeding with little information about the views of practicing family physicians. METHODS A postal questionnaire was sent to 1200 randomly selected family physicians in Ontario five months after the initial invitation to join the Ontario Family Health Network. It sought information about their(More)
treated, and the hospital served the clinical purposes of the Collegium Medico-Chirurgicum. The Charite became an exemplar in Germany, and by the nineteenth century had high standing, with such notables as Virchow, Henle, von Helmholtz, Du Bois Reymond, and Koch becoming associated with it. With its Marxist approach this little history includes more social(More)
BACKGROUND Provincial governments require timely, economical methods to monitor surgical waiting periods. Although use of prospective procedure-specific registers would be the ideal method, a less elaborate system has been proposed that is based on physician billing data. This study assessed the validity of using the date of the last service billed prior to(More)
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