Samuel E. Anthony

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Although certain characteristics of human faces are broadly considered more attractive (e.g., symmetry, averageness), people also routinely disagree with each other on the relative attractiveness of faces. That is, to some significant degree, beauty is in the "eye of the beholder." Here, we investigate the origins of these individual differences in face(More)
For many problems in computer vision, human learners are considerably better than machines. Humans possess highly accurate internal recognition and learning mechanisms that are not yet understood, and they frequently have access to more extensive training data through a lifetime of unbiased experience with the visual world. We propose to use visual(More)
By providing substantial amounts of data and standardized evaluation protocols, datasets in computer vision have helped fuel advances across all areas of visual recognition. But even in light of breakthrough results on recent benchmarks, it is still fair to ask if our recognition algorithms are doing as well as we think they are. The vision sciences at(More)
beta-Adrenergic receptor responsiveness is impaired in hypertension. A low-sodium diet both corrects this defect and lowers blood pressure. To determine whether upregulation of beta-adrenergic receptor function in hypertension might be related nonspecifically to lowering of blood pressure, vascular beta-adrenergic response was assessed after pharmacologic(More)
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