Samuel Delepoulle

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Growth chambers are used by agronomists for various experiments on plants. Because light impinging on plants is one of the main parameters of their growth, inhomogeneity in light reception can provide large bias in the experiments. In this paper we present the first steps of a framework which aims at computing the best locations of light sources that could(More)
We study the evolution of social behaviors within a behav-ioral framework. To this end, we deene a \minimal social situation" that is experimented with both humans and simulations based on reinforcement learning algorithms. We analyse the dynamics of behaviors in this situation by way of operant conditioning. We show that the best reinforcement algorithm,(More)
The present functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study investigates the neural correlates of reachability judgements. In a block design experiment, 14 healthy participants judged whether a visual target presented at different distances in a virtual environment display was reachable or not with the right hand. In two control tasks, they judged the(More)
This paper introduces a new algorithm, namely the Equi-Correlation Network (ECON), to perform supervised classification , and regression. ECON is a kernelized LARS-like algorithm, by which we mean that ECON uses an l 1 reg-ularization to produce sparse estimators, ECON efficiently rides the regularization path to obtain the estimator associated to any(More)
The aim of realistic image synthesis is to produce high fidelity images that authentically represent real scenes. As these images are produced for human observers, we may exploit the fact that not everything is perceived when viewing scene with our eyes. Thus, it is clear that taking advantage of the limited capacity of the human visual system (HVS), can(More)