Samuel D Hensley

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OBJECTIVE To describe the neuropathologic findings in four cases of meningeal melanocytoma, a rare benign melanocytic tumor of the central nervous system. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of surgical pathology and autopsy material. RESULTS Grossly, all four tumors were well-circumscribed pigmented lesions, and three of four were attached to dura.(More)
The sugarcane borerDiatrea saccharalis (F.) is the most serious and destructive insect attacking sugarcane in Louisiana. Losses in sugar yields ascribed to damage by this pest were estimated to have averaged 13% anally from 1937 to 1957. Biological and cultural control measures have been of little benefit against economically damaging infestations ofD.(More)
Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy is an autosomal dominant myopathy that exhibits the symptoms of progressive dysphagia, with ptosis usually occurring after the age of 40. Literature review of this rare disease reveals a high incidence in the French-Canadian population, as well as in five other ethnic groups. Our article details the clinical history and(More)
The formation of mucosal ileal diaphragms has been previously reported in patients receiving nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs over extended periods of time. Whether this effect is the result of a local or systemic action by the medication has remained unknown. We report the first known instance of diaphragm disease arising in a segment of ileum that had(More)
This report describes a 7 year old girl who presented with scoliosis and a small right hemithorax. Findings on spine roentgenographs were pleural thickening on the right and parenchymal densities. Computed tomography of the chest and abdomen revealed multiple pulmonary nodules and two hypervascular lesions within the liver. The diagnosis established by lung(More)
Investigations with the sugarcane borer sex pheromone have been conducted in the laboratory and field since 1964 to: (1) develop a suitable synthetic diet for rearing large numbers of larvae; (2) develop a reliable bioassay to aid chemical studies of the pheromone; (3) study male response in the field to the pheromone; (4) determine the effects on natural(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the magnitude of intraobserver variation in dating endometrial biopsies and its impact on clinical management. DESIGN Blinded histopathologic interpretation of endometrial biopsy specimens 1 year apart by five pathologists. SETTING Large military tertiary care center. PATIENTS Endometrial biopsy specimens from 51 patients(More)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis is a common thyroid disorder. Because of the difficulty of diagnosing a coexisting thyroid cancer, its management remains controversial. We reviewed 120 cases of thyroid cancer seen in our institution during an 11-year period (1976 through 1986) and defined the clinical characteristics of patients with both entities. Thirteen(More)
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