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AIM The purpose of the study was to estimate the one-year prevalence of migraine among a population-based sample of Spanish adults. METHOD Men and women aged 18-65 years were selected at random according to quotas for age, sex, size of habitat (<10,000 inhabitants, 10,001-50,000 inhabitants, 50,001-200,000 inhabitants and >200,000 inhabitants) and(More)
The study was designed to compare the response to almotriptan in migraine patients who take medication early in the course of the attack with that when medication is taken after pain has become moderate or severe. A randomized, four-arm, multicentre, multinational, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of almotriptan (12.5 mg) comparing treatment(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of allodynia on treatment outcomes in the patients with acute migraine treated in the "Act when Mild" (AwM) study. AwM, a randomized placebo-controlled trial, studied almotriptan 12.5 mg in the early treatment (within 1 hr) of acute migraine when the pain was still mild, and investigated clinical(More)
We have analyzed the relation of prevalence rates in Spanish regions with a series of human, environmental, and ecological factors. We find that the variability in migraine rates found between Spanish regions may be explained by interregional differences in the percentage of daily smokers, percentage of alcohol consumers, percentage of population presenting(More)
Objectives Classically, most migraineurs refer some relationship between drinking wine and headache. There are few previous studies confirming this. Our aim is to confirm (or not) this relationship and find out if all kind of wines have the same effect producing headache. Methods Based in previous data we have designed a simple and structured questionnaire.(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS This study was aimed determining the effectiveness, tolerance and satisfaction of patients with migraine as regards different triptans, according to the characteristics of their attacks. At the same time it sought to establish a predictive model that can be used to recommend one or another, depending on those characteristics. (More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE The START study was a large general practice observational study involving 400 patients with migraine. Given the large sample size, a sub-analysis was planned to ascertain whether any patient characteristics/behaviors might help predict/explain the responses observed in this study, which demonstrated that almotriptan administered early(More)
UNLABELLED Introduction. Epileptic crises presenting exclusively during sleep are rare and pose more problems of diagnosis than do crises of diurnal presentation. PATIENTS We present the clinical and electroencephalographic data of 20 patients with exclusively sleep-induced epileptic crises, evaluating not only the type of crises and the diagnosis of the(More)
AIMS The benefits of taking almotriptan early for acute migraine when pain is mild have clearly been demonstrated in the neurology setting. The aim of this study was to determine whether similar benefits with early intervention of almotriptan can be achieved in everyday general practice, where most migraineurs are managed. METHODS In this European,(More)