Samuel Collins

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AIMS/HYPOTHESIS To establish the occurrence, modulation and functional significance of compound exocytosis in insulin-secreting beta cells. METHODS Exocytosis was monitored in rat beta cells by electrophysiological, biochemical and optical methods. The functional assays were complemented by three-dimensional reconstruction of confocal imaging,(More)
Computational thinking has been identified as a necessary fundamental skill for all students. University curricula, however, are currently not designed to provide such knowledge to a broad student population. In this paper, we report on our experiences in the development of a model for incorporating computational thinking into the undergraduate, general(More)
1. Human platelets were studied using a combination of patch-clamp and fluorescent indicators of membrane potential and [Ca2+]i. 2. Whole-cell and cell-attached patch recordings showed voltage-gated channels selective for K+ (IK(V]. These channels were activated by depolarization at a threshold close to the platelet resting potential and were blocked by the(More)
This thesis explores the design and development of a cost-effective, easy-to-use system for remotely monitoring vehicle performance and drivers' habits, with the aim of collecting data for vehicle characterization and traffic shaping. Vehicular congestion and concerns over fuel reserves, pollution, and carbon emissions have recently emerged as prominent(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Long-term exposure to NEFAs leads to inhibition of glucose-induced insulin secretion. We tested whether the release of somatostatin and glucagon, the two other major islet hormones, is also affected. METHODS Mouse pancreatic islets were cultured for 72 h at 4.5 or 15 mmol/l glucose with or without 0.5 mmol/l oleate or palmitate. The(More)
In their recent article, Whiley makes an interesting case for the abolishment of routine testing in Legionella risk management and control plans. Here, we present our views regarding this suggestion, drawing upon our own experiences in the UK. We urge caution against the removal of routine monitoring from guidelines due to the impending public health risks(More)
The evolution of the helium liquefaction facility of the MIT Cryogenic Engineering Laboratory and the history of its operation over the last 50 years are described. Professor Samuel C. Collins created the liquid-helium facility based on his earlier developments. The chronology of the Laboratory helium liquefiers is given with a brief description of each(More)
First, a couple of anecdotes: While I was working on a class lecture a few days ago in my office, a " flash mob " showed up on the quadrangle in front of my window and danced to their iPods for a while before dispersing. Flash mobs were (briefly) a concern for police and other authorities in places like Minsk (Shirky, 2008, p. 165), Philadelphia (Urbina,(More)
Anya is an incubator design intended for use in the developing world. It aims to reduce the instances of premature infant death in the developing world, specifically targeting places where household electricity is uncommon. Thus, Anya requires a nonelectric heating method. Paraffin wax, a phase change material with high latent heat storage, was selected as(More)