Samuel Collins

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Computational thinking has been identified as a necessary fundamental skill for all students. University curricula, however, are currently not designed to provide such knowledge to a broad student population. In this paper, we report on our experiences in the development of a model for incorporating computational thinking into the undergraduate, general(More)
Sprouty (Spry) proteins are negative regulators of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling; however, their exact mechanism of action remains incompletely understood. We identified phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C (PLC)-γ as a partner of the Spry1 and Spry2 proteins. Spry-PLCγ interaction was dependent on the Src homology 2 domain of PLCγ and a(More)
BACKGROUND Lovastatin has a unique ability to bind Leukocyte Function Antigen-1 (LFA-1), an integrin necessary for the full expression of inflammatory cytokines induced by the low molecular weight form of the extracellular matrix glycosaminoglycan hyaluronan (LMW HA). We hypothesized that lovastatin could inhibit LMW HA inflammatory signals via interaction(More)
First, a couple of anecdotes: While I was working on a class lecture a few days ago in my office, a " flash mob " showed up on the quadrangle in front of my window and danced to their iPods for a while before dispersing. Flash mobs were (briefly) a concern for police and other authorities in places like Minsk (Shirky, 2008, p. 165), Philadelphia (Urbina,(More)
In this paper, we give an overview of the results of a Human-Robot Interaction experiment, in a near zero-context environment. We stimulate the formation of a network joining together human agents and non-human agents in order to examine emergent conditions and social actions. Human subjects, in teams of 3-4 are presented with a task: to coax a robot (by(More)
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