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Eyebrow segmentation using active shape models
We propose a method to automatically outline the eyebrows in a face using active shape models and show that including the eyes in the model is beneficial. Expand
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Designing a norepinephrine optical tracer for imaging individual noradrenergic synapses and their activity in vivo
Norepinephrine is a monoamine neurotransmitter with a wide repertoire of physiological roles in the peripheral and central nervous systems. There are, however, no experimental means to studyExpand
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Analysis of the extent of interphase precipitation in V-HSLA steels through in-situ characterization of the γ/α transformation
Abstract In-situ characterization techniques have been applied to elucidate the influence of γ/α transformation upon the extent of interphase precipitation in a low-carbon, vanadium-HSLA steel.Expand
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A novel approach for interpreting the solidification behaviour of peritectic steels by combining CSLM and DSC
Abstract Solidification and phase transformations in two commercial low‑carbon peritectic and non-peritectic steels are analysed in-situ through the combination of Differential Scanning CalorimetryExpand
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Quantification of evolution of multiple simultaneous phase transformations using dilation curve analysis (DCA)
Abstract A novel mathematical approach for the independent quantification of phase fractions in multiple simultaneous phase transformations is introduced. The proposed dilation curve analysis is veryExpand
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Growth mechanism of primary needles during the solidification of chromium carbide overlays
Abstract A mechanism for modelling the growth of faceted primary M7C3 needles during solidification of chromium carbide overlays is presented for the first time. In contrast with existing models thatExpand
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In Situ Characterisation of Austenite/Ferrite Transformation Kinetics and Modelling of Interphase Precipitation Inter-Sheet Spacing in V Microalloyed HSLA Steels
A new generation of low-carbon microalloyed High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steels has been developed to utilize a combination of single-phase ferritic microstructures and optimized interphaseExpand
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3D printing a house using parallel kinematic principles