Samuel C Yamin

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Fertile White Leghorn chicken eggs were injected on day 4 of incubation with 0, 0.25, 0.50 or 1.00 mg RPR-V/egg and opened on day 20 or allowed to hatch. The following parameters were examined: hatchability, growth and development, external malformations and skeletal deformities. As the dose was increased, the hatchability decreased, and the incidence of(More)
BACKGROUND Small manufacturing businesses often lack important safety programs. Many reasons have been set forth on why this has remained a persistent problem. METHODS The National Machine Guarding Program (NMGP) was a nationwide intervention conducted in partnership with two workers' compensation insurers. Insurance safety consultants collected baseline(More)
BACKGROUND Metal fabrication workers experience high rates of traumatic occupational injuries. Machine operators in particular face high risks, often stemming from the absence or improper use of machine safeguarding or the failure to implement lockout procedures. METHODS The National Machine Guarding Program (NMGP) was a translational research initiative(More)
OBJECTIVE Failure to implement lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures adversely affects the rate of work-related fatalities and serious traumatic injury and is one of the most frequently cited Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. This study assesses the impact of a nationwide intervention to improve LOTO in small metal fabrication businesses.(More)
Background: Incidence rates for lost-time injuries (133.1 per 10,000) and amputations (2.6 per 10,000) are elevated among metal fabrication workers compared to U.S. private industry as a whole (105.2 and 0.6 per 10,000, respectively), indicating a need for improved safety practices. Objective: This manuscript describes the development of an intervention to(More)
OBJECTIVES This manuscript assesses safety climate data from the National Machine Guarding Program (NMGP)-a nationwide intervention to improve machine safety. METHODS Baseline safety climate surveys were completed by 2161 employees and 341 owners or managers at 115 businesses. A separate onsite audit of safety management practices and machine guarding(More)
BACKGROUND Occupational health and safety (OHS) self-auditing is a common practice in industrial workplaces. However, few audit instruments have been tested for inter-rater reliability and accuracy. METHODS A lockout/tagout (LOTO) self-audit checklist was developed for use in manufacturing enterprises. It was tested for inter-rater reliability and(More)
The strain differences in the neurotoxic potential of monocrotophos (MCP) were assessed by determining the inhibition of brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in BALB/cAnN, DBA/2J and C57BL/6J in vitro. MCP being a competitive inhibitor for AChE, alters the Km values widely among these inbred strains. Comparatively least alterations in Km were found in(More)
BACKGROUND Metal fabrication workers are at high risk for machine-related injury. Apart from amputations, data on factors contributing to this problem are generally absent. METHODS Narrative text analysis was performed on workers' compensation claims in order to identify machine-related injuries and determine work tasks involved. Data were further(More)
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