Samuel C. Mozley

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Slimy sculpins (Cottus cognatus) were caught in the littoral region of Toolik Lake, an arctic lake. These sculpins grew slower and lived longer (71 mm at 8+ years) than more southerly populations. Sculpin distribution along the slope of the rocky littoral zone was greatest at the 3.5 m depth and coincided with the rock-mud interface. The hypothesis that(More)
We tested the role of the slimy sculpin (Cottus cognatus), a benthic fish, in structuring the rocky littoral invertebrate community in Toolik Lake, Alaska. Comparisons of sculpin gut contents and prey community structure indicated that these fish forage selectively, eating proportionally more large and motile prey, and proportionally fewer small and sessile(More)
Long-term trends in the abundance of unionids in the western basin of Lake Erie were examined from data collected at 17 stations in 1961, 1972, and 1982. The mean number of unionids at these stations declined over this time period, decreasing from 10 m~2 in 1961, to 6 m~2 in 1972, down to 4 m~2 in 1982. This decline in abundance was reflected in the(More)
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