Samuel C. Cannon

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A reliable objective test for estimating the number and distribution of surviving eighth nerve fibers needs to be identified for selection of candidates for cochlear implantation. Kanamycin and ethacrynic acid administration in guinea pigs resulted in graded amounts of eighth nerve degeneration over time. The electrically-induced middle latency response(More)
Recent data indicate that the electrically evoked middle latency response (EMLR) is useful for patient selection for cochlear implantation and may provide a test for determining safe levels of electrical stimulation in cochlear implant recipients. Some anesthetic agents have been reported to alter the auditory evoked middle latency response. The aim of our(More)
A temporary threshold shift (TTS) has been demonstrated in the electrically evoked middle latency response (EMLR) following exposure to moderate levels of continuous electrical stimulation via a cochlear implant. The threshold at which the EMLR was elicited in chronically implanted guinea pigs was elevated by approximately 100% following 30 minutes of(More)
Wound infection, cerebrospinal fluid leak, and meningitis are serious potential complications of neurotologic procedures that transgress the posterior cranial fossa dura. A study of 236 patients was made to determine the effect of perioperative intravenous antibiotics and topical bacitracin irrigation on the incidence of these complications. Of the 236(More)
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