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The Sextic Equation, its Algebraic Solution by Conversion toSolvable Factorized Form
A method of solving the sextic equation by converting it to a solvable factorized form. Expand
Radical Solution of the GeneralSextic Equation
A factorization method is given for solving the general sextic equation without the Tschirnhausen transformation. Three solvable factorized forms consisting of auxiliary quartic and quadraticExpand
An NP Complete Proof of Goldbach Conjecture
A simple NP complete proof of Goldbach’s conjecture is presented. The principal used in its proof is well known, that is, every odd prime number can be expressed as a sum of an even number and one.Expand
Proof of Algebraic Solution of the General Quintic Equation,Overlooked Dimensions in Abel-Ruffini Theorem
I prove that the general quintic equation is solvable in radicals. Here solvability in radicals is loosely used to mean root form of the quintic equation even though there may be cases formula forExpand
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Proof of LegendreâÂÂs Conjecture
A method is presented to prove Legendre’s conjecture based on identity that holds true for all numbers
The General Quintic Equation, its Solution by Factorization into Cubicand Quadratic Factors
I present a method of solving the general quintic equation by factorizing into auxiliary quadratic and cubic equations. The aim of this research is to contribute further to the knowledge of quinticExpand
On Solvability of Higher Degree Polynomial Equations
I present methods that can be used to obtain algebraic solution of polynomial equations of degree five and above. In this contribution I look into methods by which higher degree polynomial equationsExpand
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The Bring-Jerrard Quintic Equation, its Algebraic Solution byConversion to Solvable Factorized Form
I presented a method of solving the Bring-Jerrard quintic equation by converting it to a solvable factorized form. That is, I seek to present a factorized form into which the Bring-Jerrard quinticExpand
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