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Trapping of an arterial bolus in the kidney by 40 sec aortic occlusion permitted demonstration of diffusion-limited and Zn-sensitive renal uptake of nonfiltered but diffusible Cd from plasma; mercaptoethanol (ME) or 2,3-dimercaptopropanol (BAL) had been added to the bolus to prevent sequestration of the metals by plasma protein. Cadmium taken up by the(More)
During passage from renal artery to vein, nonfiltered amino acids are known to be extracted by the kidney, an observation generally attributed to their basolateral uptake by tubular epithelium. This attribution is here tested in the rabbit, using the nonmetabolizable analogue cycloleucine as test compound. Uptake of cycloleucine is diffusion limited and(More)
Two days after intraperitoneal injection of NiCl2 (20 mumol/kg) into rabbits the same apparently uncompetitive inhibition of aspartate reabsorption is seen as was previously observed following acute exposure to other metals. This dose of Ni reduced the calculated maximum tubular transport rate for aspartate (Tm) and the apparent affinity constant (KM) by(More)
The intracellular volume of distribution (V) of 3-O-methylglucose (3OM), as calculated from mean artery-to-vein transit times (t)in the rabbit kidney, has been proposed as measure of cytoplasmic volume in renal cortex. This hypothesis requires that the non-concentrative uptake of the sugar be flow-dependent rather than diffusion-limited, and that total cell(More)
At high plasma concentrations, a high-capacity, low-affinity or nonsaturable flux (Jhc) accounts for a residual fractional reabsorption of cycloleucine, aspartate, and AIB of approximately 50% of the filtered load in rabbits; Jhc in micromoles per milliliter glomerular filtrate is reduced in Hg-poisoned animals. The nonsaturable flux of cycloleucine is(More)
The intracellular volume of distribution of the nonmetabolizable sugar derivative 3-O-methylglucose was determined in the renal cortex of diuresing rabbits. This sugar is not well reabsorbed from the lumen, but is readily taken up across the basolateral cell membranes by an apparently flow-limited, nonconcentrative process. The ratio of distribution volumes(More)
Last generations of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) arrays allow to study copy-number variations in addition to genotyping measures. MPAgenomics, standing for multi-patient analysis (MPA) of genomic markers, is an R-package devoted to: (i) efficient segmentation and (i i) selection of genomic markers from multi-patient copy number and SNP data(More)
The objective of this investigation was to determine whether Cd inhibition of amino acid transport across basolateral (BL) cell membranes in renal tubules results from a direct toxic action at that site. The concentration ratio (R) of cycloleucine in cell water/arterial plasma at steady state in nonfiltering rabbit kidneys consistently exceeded 1.0, thus(More)
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