Samuel B. Powell

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Division-of-focal plane (DoFP) imaging polarimeters are useful instruments for measuring polarization information for a variety of applications. Recent advances in nanofabrication have enabled the practical manufacture of DoFP sensors for the visible spectrum. These sensors are made by integrating nanowire polarization filters directly with an imaging(More)
| In this paper, we present recent work on bioinspired polarization imaging sensors and their applications in biomedicine. In particular, we focus on three different aspects of these sensors. First, we describe the electro–optical challenges in realizing a bioinspired polarization imager, and in particular, we provide a detailed description of a recent(More)
| Biologically inspired solutions for modern-day sensory systems promise to deliver both higher capacity and faster, more efficient processing of information than current computational approaches. Many animals are able to perform remarkable sensing tasks despite only being able to process what would be considered modest data rates and bandwidths. The key(More)
Although the function of polarization vision, the ability to discern the polarization characteristics of light, is well established in many terrestrial and benthic species, its purpose in pelagic species (squid and certain fish and crustaceans) is poorly understood [1]. A long-held hypothesis is that polarization vision in open water is used to break the(More)
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