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Telecubes is a cubic module that has six prismatic degrees of freedom whose sides can expand more than twice its original length and has the ability to magnetically (de)attach to other modules. Many of these modules can be connected together to form a modular self-reconfigurable robot. The paper presents the intended functions, discusses the physical(More)
Robots used for tasks in space have strict requirements. Modular reconfigurable robots have a variety of attributes that are advantageous for these conditions including the ability to serve as many tools at once saving weight, packing into compressed forms saving space and having large redundancy to increase robustness. Self-reconfigurable systems can also(More)
A principle of distributed decision making of cellular robotic system (CEBOT), " in Proc. IEEE Int. Proposal for cooperative robot " Gunryu " composed of autonomous segments, " Robot. Hormone-inspired self-organization and distributed control of robotic swarms, " Auton. Abstract—In this paper, we investigate a range of image-based visual servo control(More)
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