Samuel B. Graves

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Strategic managers are consistently faced with the decision of how to allocate scarce corporate resources in an environment that is placing more and more pressures on them. Recent scholarship in strategic management suggests that many of these pressures come directly from sources associated with social issues in management, rather than traditional arenas of(More)
This paper describes a methodology for the selection of research and development (R&D) projects to add to or remove from an existing R&D portfolio. The analysis uses the criterion of conditional stochastic dominance to make selection recommendations. This criterion takes into account the effect of a given project on the risk and return of the existing(More)
Procaryotic and eucaryotic transfer RNA sequences are distinct at the 0.5% probability level as demonstrated by permutation testing. Moreover, within each cell type, transfer RNA sequences of different amino acid acceptor classes are distinct at the 0.1% level. We propose that the latter finding reflects sets of nucleotides, other than the anticodons(More)
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