Samuel Adams

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The study analyzes the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) and domestic investment (DI) on economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa for the period 1990–2003. The results show that DI is positive and significantly correlated with economic growth in both the OLS and fixed effects estimation, but FDI is positive and significant only in the OLS estimation.(More)
This paper describes Easy SOA. Easy SOA is a rapid prototyping model for SOA based on ad hoc development and integration tool for end users (ADIEU). With ADIEU, end users can prototype their Web applications and Web services rapidly by putting 'cards' into a 'sheet' constructed on a Web browser. Easy SOA realizes a prototype development model for service(More)
Wiki and blog which enable end users to do their works only with a Web browser, since those tools do not require end users to learn some special skills about HTML. Some of end users have also involved in “End-user programming”, by writing some tools to change a behavior of an application to make their personal works more effectively. However, these tools(More)
The study examined the relationship between settlement patterns and development in the indigene, settler, and mixed communities in the central region of Ghana. The study used both primary and secondary sources based on 108 respondents from six communities (two each from the three groups) for the data analysis. The main findings of the study are 1) the(More)
This study examines the effect of urbanization, income, trade openness, and institutional quality (i.e., regime type and durability) on environmental degradation in Ghana over the period 1965-2011. Using the bounds test approach to cointegration and the Fully Modified Phillip-Hansen (FMPH) technique, the findings show that urbanization, income, trade(More)
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