Samuel Abramson

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The precise relationship between the stem cells for the lymphoid system and those for the blood-forming system is unclear. While it is generally assumed that the hemopoietic stem cell, the spleen colony-forming unit (CFU-S), is also the stem cell for the lymphoid system, there is little evidence for this hypothesis. To investigate the stem cells in these(More)
Active fungal proteinases are powerful allergens that induce experimental allergic lung disease strongly resembling atopic asthma, but the precise relationship between proteinases and asthma remains unknown. Here, we analyzed dust collected from the homes of asthmatic children for the presence and sources of active proteinases to further explore the(More)
If genetically resistant and susceptible rabbits inhale a certain number of human type tubercle bacilli, no tuberculosis in the lungs of the resistant animals is seen, as a rule several months after infection, while there is a variable and often extensive disease in the susceptible rabbits. The analogy to the presence or absence of active tuberculosis in(More)
The effect of infusing similar energy equivalents of starch into the rumen, or starch or oil into the abomasum was studied in four midlactation cows in a 4 x 4 Latin square design experiment; controls were ruminally infused with water. Cows were fitted with cannulas in the rumen, abomasum, and ileum, and nutrient digestion in the rumen and small intestine(More)
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