Samuel Aaron

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This paper introduces Improcess, a novel cross-disciplinary collaborative project focussed on the design and development of tools to structure the communication between performer and musical process. We describe a 3-tiered architecture centering around the notion of a Common Music Runtime, a shared platform on top of which inter-operating client interfaces(More)
Domain Specific and Functional languages provide an excellent linguistic context for exploring new forms of music notation -- not just for formalising compositions but also for live interaction workflows. This experience report describes two novel live coding systems that employ code execution to modify live sounds and music. The first of these systems,(More)
Sonic Pi is a music live coding language that has been designed for educational use as a first programming language. However, it is not straightforward to achieve the necessary simplicity of a first language in a music live coding setting, for reasons largely related to the manipulation of time. The original version of Sonic Pi used a `sleep' function for(More)
  • Samuel Aaron
  • 2016 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human…
  • 2016
Live coding is a performance discipline that considers code as an interface. The act of writing, deleting and modifying code allows a performer to directly interact with their context through the creation of computational side effects such as sounds and visuals. A commonly used tool for many kinds of expression is randomness which enables the introduction(More)
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