Samuel Aaron Ballas

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In this paper, we demonstrate that the complete, hyperbolic representation of various two-bridge knot and link groups enjoy a certain local rigidity property inside of the PGL 4 (R) character variety. We also prove a complementary result showing that under certain rigidity hypotheses, branched covers of amphicheiral knots admit non-trivial deformations near(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to start by thanking my advisor, Alan Reid, for his patience, encouragement and guidance. I would also like to thank Daryl Cooper, Darren Long, and Jeff Danciger for many helpful conversations. I am grateful to many graduate students for help and support over the year, in particular I would like to thank Sam Taylor. I would like(More)
In this paper we show that bending a finite volume hyperbolic d-manifold M along a totally geodesic hypersurface Σ results in a properly convex projective structure on M with finite volume. We also discuss various geometric properties of bent manifolds and algebraic properties of their fundamental groups. We then use this result to show in each dimension d(More)
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