Samuel A McMahon

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Synapses are specialized cell-cell adhesion contacts that mediate communication within neural networks. During development, excitatory synapses are generated by step-wise recruitment of presynaptic and postsynaptic proteins to sites of contact. Several classes of synaptic organizing complexes have been identified that function during the initial stages of(More)
Longitudinal axons grow parallel to the embryonic midline to connect distant regions of the central nervous system. Previous studies suggested that repulsive midline signals guide pioneer longitudinal axons by blocking their entry into the floor plate; however, the role of midline attractants, and whether attractant signals may cooperate with repulsive(More)
Modification of the strength of excitatory synaptic connections is a fundamental mechanism by which neural circuits are refined during development and learning. Synapse Differentiation Induced Gene 1 (SynDIG1) has been shown to play a key role in regulating synaptic strength in vitro. Here, we investigated the role of SynDIG1 in vivo in mice with a(More)
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