Samudra Banerjee

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The objective of this paper is to analyze web logs using data mining so as to present users with more personalized web content. We classify users based on their internet usage patterns and for each class, maintain a cache of web documents. Searching is performed based on term set analysis and direction cosine distance approach. Finally a more personalized(More)
One of the key problems encountered while using a text classification learning algorithms is that they require huge amount of labelled examples to learn accurately. The objective of this paper is to propose a novel method of topic modelling and document-document semantic similarity algorithm (DDSSA), which reduces the need for larger training data. This(More)
This paper discusses primary design issues of an intelligent browser for novice users. This work focuses on the study of intelligent interface agents which adapt to the user according to the interactions between the user and the browser. We propose a personal web browser which adapts to the user interface layout and navigation. Adaptation of user interface(More)
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