Samta Shukla

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—The broadcast nature of the wireless medium jeopardizes secure transmissions. Cryptographic measures fail to ensure security when eavesdroppers have superior computational capability ; however, it can be assured from information theoretic security approaches. We use physical layer security to guarantee non-zero secrecy rate in single source, single(More)
—Caches in Content-Centric Networks (CCN) are increasingly adopting flash memory based storage. The current flash cache technology stores all files with the largest possible " expiry date, " i.e. the files are written in the memory so that they are retained for as long as possible. This, however , does not leverage the CCN data characteristics where content(More)
Much work has been done on understanding and predicting human mobility in time. In this work, we are interested in obtaining a set of users who are spatio-temporally most similar to a query user. We propose an efficient way of user data representation called Spatio-Temporal Signatures to keep track of complete record of user movement. We define a measure(More)
—We consider a structured sensor network in which sensors and relays are arranged in a regular grid. Sources S1, S2,. .. , SK are located sequentially at the top row, and destinations D1, D2,. .. , DK are arranged in an arbitrary order at the bottom row; data from Si is required at Di. Such networks serve as models for planned sensor deployments (for(More)
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