Samsul Bahari Mohd Noor

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The paper aims to introduce a method for the analytical formulation of the integral square error (ISE). In this manner, the aim of the research is to create a parametric solution of the ISE for linear continuous feedback control systems while the closed-loop system is stable and the difference between reference and output, or error, is strictly proper. The(More)
Electromyography (EMG) is one of the indirect tools in indexing fatigue. Fatigue can be detected when there are changes on amplitude and frequency. However, various outcomes from literature make researchers conclude that EMG is not a reliable tool to measure fatigue. This paper investigates EMG behavior of biceps femoris in median frequency and mean(More)
The purpose of this paper is to explore the ability of the system identification technique in detecting a specific gas at a constant concentration level by a single sensor. Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) gas sensor is used due to its wide range of applicability in gas monitoring systems. Using the Batch computer method, 115 outputs were recorded with(More)
The detection performance of maritime radars is restricted by the unwanted sea echo or clutter. Although the number of these target-like data is small, they may cause false alarm and perturb the target detection. K-distribution is known as the best fit probability density function for the radar sea clutter. This paper proposes a novel approach to estimate(More)
This paper presents the application of fuzzy logic controller (FLC) to a grain dryer plant. Grain dryer plant is very difficult to control due to long delay process and non-linear behaviour. The controller consists of two inputs; error between actual grain moisture content and set-point, and rate of change of error. There is one fuzzy output that is used to(More)
A filtered-X LMS algorithm is implemented for active noise control in free field, single channel adaptive proposed for one dimensional noise control, The single-channel algorithms is essentially extension by the sequential filtered-X LMS algorithm to the block case. Analytical results are given for the stability and convergence of the algorithm. Simulation(More)