Samreen Raza

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AIMS Ten rhizobial isolates obtained from different locations in Egypt were examined for their ability to survive under stress conditions and their growth response to increasing levels of NaCl (1-8% w/v), pH (4-10), CaCO3 (1-10% w/v) and 12 antibiotics. METHODS AND RESULTS All the rhizobial isolates tolerated a NaCl concentration up to 5% and were divided(More)
Thromboembolism of abdominal aorta and its branches after umbilical artery catheterization has been previously reported. In the past, total occlusion of the abdominal aorta and its major branches was associated with high mortality. Successful aortic thrombectomy in the neonatal period has been reported only once in English literature. The successful(More)
Cardiomyopathies refer to a variety of myocardial disorders without underlying coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, hypertension, or congenital heart disease. Several imaging modalities are available, but cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) has now established itself as a crucial imaging technique in the evaluation of several cardiomyopathies. It(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmacoinvasive therapy (PIT) is a potential treatment for ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients who are not able to achieve primary percutaneous intervention (PCI) within guideline-recommended time limits. The risk for bleeding complications with PIT has not been studied in the setting of routine use of two selected bleeding(More)
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