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Near-Optimal Controller for Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems With Unknown Dynamics Using Policy Iteration
This paper presents a single-network adaptive critic-based controller for continuous-time systems with unknown dynamics in a policy iteration (PI) framework. It is assumed that the unknown dynamicsExpand
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From Gene to Drug: A Proof of Concept for a Plausible Computational Pathway
The last decade has witnessed an exponential growth of sequence information in the field of biological macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids and their interactions with other molecules.Expand
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Design and Development of an automated Robotic Pick & Stow System for an e-Commerce Warehouse
In this paper, we provide details of a robotic system that can automate the task of picking and stowing objects from and to a rack in an e-commerce fulfillment warehouse. The system primarilyExpand
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A Physicochemical Model for Analyzing DNA Sequences
In search of an ab initio model to characterize DNA sequences as genes and nongenes, we examined some physicochemical properties of each trinucleotide (codon), which could accomplish this task. WeExpand
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Policy iteration based near-optimal control scheme for robotic manipulator with model uncertainties
This paper addresses a single network adaptive critic(SNAC) based continuous time near-optimal control strategy for robotic manipulator with partially known dynamics. The optimal control of the robotExpand
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Data Driven System Identification Using Evolutionary Algorithms
We present an evolutionary algorithm(EA) based system identification technique from measurement data. The nonlinear optimization task of estimating the premise parameters of a Takagi-Sugeno-KangExpand
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SNAC based near-optimal controller for robotic manipulator with unknown dynamics
A near optimal control technique for robotic manipulator with completely unknown dynamics is described in this work. Obtaining the optimal control law u* depends on solving Hamilton Jacobi BellmanExpand
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A probabilistic framework of learning movement primitives from unstructured demonstrations
Kinematic motor behaviour of robots can be encoded using dynamical systems. These dynamical systems are learnt from human demonstrations to generalize human like motions. The size of theExpand
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Surface Miners in Indian Coal Mines
This book may be my first book from a boy who may be small aged to chop it down for such an intellectual person to such great countries, but one thing i know. I have done loads of work on it forExpand
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