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BACKGROUND A long-standing debate exists about whether stable patients who have adhesive small-bowel obstruction (ASBO) are best managed operatively or nonoperatively. In addition, the factors that predict recurrence have not been established. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a retrospective cohort study using medical records of 31 ASBO patients managed(More)
OBJECTIVES Patients with chronic hepatitis C (HCV) consistently report a reduction in multiple domains of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) that does not correlate with liver disease severity. This may in part be due to the use of insensitive HRQOL instruments or extrahepatic factors that independently influence HRQOL. We hypothesized that a past(More)
Three hypotheses based on the relationship between electrodermal activity and 'psychopathic' behaviour were investigated. These hypotheses are that 'psychopathic' behaviour relates to frequency of spontaneous fluctuations (Schalling, 1978), orienting response recovery time (Mednick, 1975) and orienting response amplitude (Siddle, Nicol and Foggitt, 1973).(More)
An outline is given of objective behaviour rating scales developed for use by nurse custodians in the maximum security hospital setting. Four independent scales are described: (a) antisocial belligerence, (b) disorientation, (c) withdrawal and (d) personal hygiene. The scales gave high test-retest and inter-rater reliabilities. Various indications of(More)
CONTEXT Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring female cancer in the world. Research gap exists regarding emotional support for breast cancer patients. AIM The main aim of this study was to compare the efficiency of Emotional Support- Focused Nurse directed Intervention on serum cortisol among arm I, II and III in breast cancer patients. METHODS(More)
A study on the sexual orientation and responsiveness of sexual offenders in a maximum security hospital who had been referred to the Psychology Department for sexual assessment is described. Correlations between "felt sexual arousal" ratings and penis diameter increase were calculated to assess validity, but a high proportion of detained patients gave(More)
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