Sampo Saaristo

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— This paper provides an overview of an implementation of Differentiated Services interior and boundary nodes as described in the SIMA model. The operation of the network nodes was verified with a series of measurements in a simple networking environment. These measurements also give some idea about the level of Quality of Service this kind of mechanism is(More)
I would like to thank my co-developers Ofer Wald and Hannes Gredler with whom I did the coding at [1]. I would also like to thank Prof. Jarmo Harju and MSc Heikki Vatiainen for encouragement and guidance, MSc Bilhanan Silverajan for proofreading and Anna Lahti and my family for support. This Master of Science Thesis describes an(More)
Foreword This Master of Science thesis was done at the Tampere University of Technology during the spring of 1999. The thesis is part of the Faster Pro project which includes a range of topics on areas such as IP over ATM and QoS for IP networks. I would like to thank Prof. Jarmo Harju for guidance, my cow-orkers Juha Laine and especially Sampo Saaristo(More)
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