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  • Kuikkaniemi, Holopainen, +12 authors Dan Dixon
  • 2011
Introductory Papers 1.: Being a "mayor" or a "patron"? The difference between owning badges and telling stories 19. Lee, H.-J.: What could media art learn from recent experimental games? Abstract " Gamification " is an informal umbrella term for the use of video game elements in non-gaming systems to improve user experience (UX) and user engagement. The(More)
This paper considers the effectiveness of the Oregon Health Plan method for allocating limited health resources. The Plan is narrow in scope and leaves many difficult questions unanswered. Criteria for developing a comprehensive plan for allocating limited health resources are discussed. It is suggested that when a resource is scarce, any allocation(More)
Designing a tightened normal tightened sampling plan requires sample sizes and acceptance number with switching criterion. An evolutionary algorithm, the genetic algorithm, is designed to identify optimal sample sizes and acceptance number of a tightened normal tightened sampling plan for a specified consumer's risk, producer's risk, and switching(More)
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