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In-band full-duplex (IBFD) operation has emerged as an attractive solution for increasing the throughput of wireless communication systems and networks. With IBFD, a wireless terminal is allowed to transmit and receive simultaneously in the same frequency band. This tutorial paper reviews the main concepts of IBFD wireless. Because one the biggest practical(More)
Given that full duplex (FD) and MIMO both employ multiple antenna resources, an important question that arises is how to make the choice between MIMO and FD? We show that optimal performance requires a combination of both to be used. Hence, we present the design and implementation of MIDU, the first MIMO full duplex system for wireless networks. MIDU(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a network virtualization substrate (NVS) for effective virtualization of wireless resources in cellular networks. Virtualization fosters the realization of several interesting deployment scenarios such as customized virtual networks, virtual services, and widearea corporate networks, with diverse(More)
Femto cells are a cost-effective means of providing ubiquitous connectivity in future broadband wireless networks. While their primary purpose has been to improve coverage in current solutions, their decreased cell sizes in turn also provide improved cell capacity through increased spatial reuse. The demand for bandwidth-intensive IP services will soon(More)
—We present a cross-layer design of transmitting scalable video streams from a base station to multiple clients over a shared fading wireless network by jointly considering the application layer information and the wireless channel conditions. We first design a long-term resource allocation algorithm that determines the optimal wireless scheduling policy in(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a Java package called Fil-terfresh for building replicated fault-tolerant servers. Maintaining the correctness and integrity of replicated servers is supported by a GroupManager object instantiated with each replica to form a logical group. The Group Managers use a Group Membership algorithm to maintain a(More)
— To support real-time applications such as Voice-over-IP within a 802.11 Wireless LAN, efficient handoff mechanisms are required when a mobile client moves from one Access Point to another. In this paper, we present the design, implementation and performance results of MAC layer (layer-2) handoff algorithms which implement make-before-break mechanisms at(More)
Cabling complexity in data centers is reaching unmanageable proportions, leading to maintenance challenges, inefficient cooling, and substantial operational costs (about 7-8% of the total infrastructure cost according to a recent study). To reduce this complexity , this paper envisions replacing some or all of the wires in the data centers with wireless(More)