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Homeostasis in the gastric mucosa and blood circulation. Part 1. Mechanisms of the adequate blood flow maintenance in the gastric mucosa
Nitric oxide and prostaglandines are the most important low molecular weight compounds that play the main role in the maintenance of the basal gastric mucosal blood flow and in the development of hyperemic responses to harmful agents.
The possibility of peripheral cholinolytic action of psychostimulants
The vagal bradycardia induced by electric stimulation of peripheral vagal end was decreased or even abolished by intravenous injection of sydnophen, and it was suggested that the cholinolytic effect of Sydnophen and amphetamine is due to different mechanisms.
Parasympathetic regulation of the heart in teleosts and factors determining the regulatory direction of the chronotropic effect
The moment of vagal stimulation in respect to cardiac cycle, the duration of free running cardiac period and intensity of nerve activity were found to be the factors determining the regulatory direction of chronotropic effects (acceleration or inhibition of the heart).
Semax and some glyproline peptides accelerate the healing of acetic ulcers in rats
The dynamics of structural changes in the place of ulcer formation investigated with the use of cytohistological control demonstrated that their anti-ulcer effects can be related to their ability to accelerate ulcer clarification from necrotic tissues and to activate the process of cicatrisation and epithelization.
Effects of glyprolines on development and healing of acetate ulcers in rats
Glyprolines inhibit development of acetic ulcers and enhance their healing in rats and led to a significant reduction of the lesions by 46,50 and 96%, respectively, vs controls.