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Business intelligence (BI) actively supports management activities in gaining insight into their company results and processes, using tools and technologies such as data warehouse, on line analytical processing, data mining, advanced reporting etc. To make qualified decisions managers combine information arriving from BI applications with disperse(More)
The sympatho-adrenal and pituitary-adrenal cortex axes are the most sensitive, and specific indicators of stress in animals. Increased plasma levels of catecholamines and glucocorticoids are generally considered as the classical response to stress. Most experiments on immobilization have been performed on rats and only a few of them concerned domestic(More)
The organism of a food-deprived animal is directed toward minimizing energy expenditure and plasma levels of catabolic hormones and glucose are also reduced. Stress, on the other hand, is associated with enhancement of metabolic processes, elevated plasma catabolic hormones, and higher glucose levels. The question arises as to whether food deprivation may(More)
AbstrAct Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution implementation is a complex process, that requires substantial resources and efforts, and yet the results are very uncertain. The ERP hype has already reached SMEs, so the authors have examined the strategies, methods and critical success factors from SMEs point of view. The results of our survey in SMEs(More)
Mission The mission of the IJISPM-International Journal of Information Systems and Project Management-is the dissemination of new scientific knowledge on information systems management and project management, encouraging further progress in theory and practice. The IJISPM publishes leading scholarly and practical research articles that aim to advance the(More)
To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ERP solutions use, understanding of critical success factors of ERP solutions assimilation in organizations is crucial. The technology acceptance model (TAM) proposed by Davis (1989) has been the most widely used model for researching user acceptance and usage of IT/IS. The purpose of this paper is to extend(More)
In a previous experiment, food deprivation was found to suppress the increase of plasma cortisol and thyroid hormones in stressed animals. Because both the hypothalamo-adrenocortical and the thyroid axes are stimulated during stress, we investigated in this study whether a similar pattern of changes occurs in food-deprived sheep following corticotropin(More)