Sammy P Pontrelli

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Global climate change linked to the accumulation of greenhouse gases has caused concerns regarding the use of fossil fuels as the major energy source. To mitigate climate change while keeping energy supply sustainable, one solution is to rely on the ability of microorganisms to use renewable resources for biofuel synthesis. In this Review, we discuss how(More)
Contamination susceptibility, water usage, and inability to utilize 5-carbon sugars and disaccharides are among the major obstacles in industrialization of sustainable biorefining. Extremophilic thermophiles and acidophiles are being researched to combat these problems, but organisms which answer all the above problems have yet to emerge. Here, we present(More)
High titer 1-butanol production in Escherichia coli has previously been achieved by overexpression of a modified clostridial 1-butanol production pathway and subsequent deletion of native fermentation pathways. This strategy couples growth with production as 1-butanol pathway offers the only available terminal electron acceptors required for growth in(More)
Metabolomics is the comprehensive analysis of metabolites in biological systems that uses multivariate analyses such as principal component analysis (PCA) or partial least squares/projections to latent structures regression (PLSR) to understand the metabolome state and extract important information from biological systems. In this study, orthogonal PLSR(More)
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