Sammy Lievens

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We present a system for 3D face reconstruction that is based on live depth information combined with face priors. The system includes a stereo matching method that employs prior information for limiting the search space and introduces an offline scanned 3D model that is animated by means of 2D morphing techniques in order to match the live facial(More)
Globalization and increasing collaboration between remote teams drive the need for teleconference systems. However, currently no videoconferencing system matches the face-to-face experience for a business meeting with many participants in a flexible and affordable manner. In search for a better solution, we created a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) application(More)
This paper discusses the latest ISO/ITU-T still image coding standard, JPEG2000 and the moving pictures variant, Motion JPEG2000. These offer greater functionality and compression performance compared to their predecessors, JPEG and Motion JPEG, which are heavily used on the Internet and in digital cameras. We developed a proof-of-concept of interactive(More)
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