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Commercial terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) service was launched on December 1st, 2005, in the Seoul metropolitan area of the Republic of Korea. As the world’s first commercial terrestrial mobile multimedia broadcasting service, T-DMB garnered huge attention in the field of mobile broadcasting. This paper presents the history, system, and(More)
The major contribution of this paper is the implementation of real time traffic and traveler information service through the terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB) system, which are known to be suitable for the mobile data services as well as audio and video services. The implemented system converts the Korean characteristic traffic information(More)
This paper proposes the architecture o/ multiple ensemble service in DAB network. in which they can transmit and receive more than one ensemble through multiple transmitters, r.4ich covers the same service area. Using this architecture, ensemble providers and transmisrion network providers can have more flexible management envimnment ofDAB networks LIS well(More)
This paper introduces the development of the remultiplexer which multiplexes MPEG-4 stream into the digital multimedia broadcasting transmission signal. The remultiplexer also has the additional channel coding functions which are essential for mobile reception of moving pictures through the digital multimedia broadcasting signal.
This paper introduces a structure of delivering traveler information service including point of interest information through the terrestrial multimedia broadcasting system, in which, the receiver is connected with cellular communication terminal to enable the interactivity of the service. By combining real time traffic information and point of interest(More)
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