Samit Dasgupta

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Let A = {a1, . . . , ak} and B = {b1, . . . , bk} be two subsets of an Abelian group G, k ≤ |G|. Snevily conjectured that, when G is of odd order, there is a permutation π ∈ Sk such that the sums ai+bπ(i), 1 ≤ i ≤ k, are pairwise different. Alon showed that the conjecture is true for groups of prime order, even when A is a sequence of k < |G| elements,(More)
Elliptic units, which are obtained by evaluating modular units at quadratic imaginary arguments of the Poincaré upper half-plane, allow the analytic construction of abelian extensions of imaginary quadratic fields. The Kronecker limit formula relates the complex absolute values of these units to values of zeta functions, and allowed Stark to prove his rank(More)
Let E be an elliptic curve over Q attached to a newform f of weight two on Γ0(N). Let K be a real quadratic field, and let p||N be a prime of multiplicative reduction for E which is inert in K, so that the p-adic completion Kp of K is the quadratic unramified extension of Qp. Subject to the condition that all the primes dividing M := N/p are split in K, the(More)
We prove that the p-adic L-series of the tensor square of a p-ordinary modular form factors as the product of the symmetric square p-adic L-series of the form and a Kubota– Leopoldt p-adic L-series. This establishes a generalization of a conjecture of Citro. Greenberg’s exceptional zero conjecture for the adjoint follows as a corollary of our theorem. Our(More)
1. A review of the classical setting 2. Elliptic units for real quadratic fields 2.1. p-adic measures 2.2. Double integrals 2.3. Splitting a two-cocycle 2.4. The main conjecture 2.5. Modular symbols and Dedekind sums 2.6. Measures and the Bruhat-Tits tree 2.7. Indefinite integrals 2.8. The action of complex conjugation and of Up 3. Special values of zeta(More)