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Impact of hospital information systems on patient care: nurses’ perceptions
Aim: To explore the perceptions of nurses about the use of a Hospital Information System (HIS) in the provision of patient care in terms of information and system quality. Background: Although HISExpand
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Prevalence of anemia and Iron deficiency anemia in high school girls of Bandar Abbas in 2013
Abstract Introduction: Anemia is prevalent in young women and iron deficiency is one of the leading causes. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of anemia and iron deficiency anemiaExpand
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Factors Determining Nurses Hospital Information System Usage
This study employs the combined technology acceptance model (TAM) and theory of planned behavior (TPB) (i.e., C-TAM-TPB) that extended with self-efficacy and knowledge of information technology toExpand
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Faculty members' experience of student ethical problems: A qualitative research with a phenomenological approach
Introduction:One of challenges that universities faces with it is student ethical problems. Students' unethical behaviors create a sort of weakness of moral commitment and irresponsibility. TheExpand
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Teacher Creativity in University Students' Views: A Content Analysis
INTRODUCTION Education plays a pivotal role in today’s world. It is clear that many factors including the learner’s background, teacher’s qualities and the learning environment affect the process ofExpand
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A Survey on the of Medical Graduates' Achievements in the Capabilities Approved by the General Medical Education Council of Bandar Abbas University of Medical Sciences in 2014
Introduction: Considering the significantprofessional role of doctors, Ministry of Health and Medical Education has issued the minimal required capabilities expected from a recently graduated generalExpand
Ethical Challenges Experiences by Faculty Members : A Qualitative Research with a Phenomenological Approach
Introduction: Ethics in fulfilling one’s duties are a necessity in every occupation. The educational systems are formed to a great extent, by managers’ and teachers’ ethical values. The purpose ofExpand
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Factors Determining Nurse Acceptance of Hospital Information Systems in the Medication Process
A growing interest in implementing Hospital Information Systems to improve the patient safety and nurses unwillingness to integrate HIS into their workflow, justifies further research into the factors influencing nurses’ acceptance of those systems in the medication process. Expand
A case study on nursing education in Hormozgan University Iran
The healthcare relies heavily on nursing care and the quality of nurses is a reflection of the nursing curriculum. The mismatch between nursing as taught and practised remains a problematic featureExpand