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In recent years, there has been a great interest in analyzing complex text documents and corpora. Digital textual content is being increased day by day and it is very challenging to summarize all the data to be meaningful content and also to understand the relationship among the data. The objective of this experiment is to classify the terminologies based(More)
Social media plays a crucial role in promoting different products. The data collected from the social media helps to improve the quality of products, and helps the customer to select the best product among available products. In this paper, an algorithm is developed based on text mining and TF-IDF (Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency) scores. In this(More)
The aim of machine learning is to solve a given problem using past experience or example data. Many machine learning applications are using now-a-days already. More aspiring problems can be handled as more data become accessible. Here. in this context we learn in detail about text mining as a multi-dimensional field which involves the closely linked areas(More)
Model-Based image segmentation plays a dominant role in image analysis and image retrieval. To analyze the features of the image, model based segmentation algorithm will be more efficient compared to non-parametric methods. In this project, we proposed Automatic Image Segmentation using Wavelets (AISWT) to make segmentation fast and simpler. The(More)
This paper proposes an method for testing a circuit in order to improve defect coverage of delays due to resistive open and close. The proposed method uses a signature analysis and a scan design to detect small delay defects. This measures the delay of the explicitly sensitized paths with the resolution of the on-chip variable clock generator. The proposed(More)
In recent years, many successful machine learning applications have been developed. Classification & Clustering is one such. This application is cross-disciplinary, now that it is based on data mining algorithms on the technical side and on graphemes and morphophonemic on the linguistic side. It will thus map the correspondence between grapheme(More)
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