Samira Salehi

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Hydrodynamic gene delivery is an attractive option for non-viral liver gene therapy, but requires evaluation of efficacy, safety and clinically applicable techniques in large animal models. We have evaluated retrograde delivery of DNA to the whole liver via the isolated segment of inferior vena cava (IVC) draining the hepatic veins. Pigs (18-20 kg weight)(More)
Background: The rate of caesarean section has risen from less than 7% in 1970s to more than 25% in 2003. Objective: Due to the side effects of caesarean operation as well as the vital cares needed in this procedure, the raise in the ratio has expressed the technique as a matter of global concern. Methods: A total of 93 patients’ undergone caesarean sections(More)
Cu-nanoTiO2 composite coatings electroplated from copper sulfate bath were obtained and characterized.The paper presents the influence of the different pH of Cu– TiO2 coatings obtained at DC current density. The pHwere 0.5and2in electroplating bath.The surface morphology andcomposition of layers were studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and EDX(More)
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