Samira Malek Mohamadi

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based on the value of export from Iran during 14 years ending at 2005. To measure the dissimilarity among export baskets of different countries, we define Dissimilarity Export Basket (DEB) function and use this distance function in K-means algorithm. The DEB function is defined based on the concepts of the association rules and the value of export(More)
Aerial parts of aromatic grass, Cymbopogon parkeri STAPF, were collected at flowering stage from Kerman province of Iran. The essential oil of air dried samples obtained by hydro-distillation method. The compositions of the essential oil were determined by the use of GC and GC-MS. Nineteen (98.7%) constituents were identified. The main constituents were(More)
In this study simultaneous degradation of organic matter and color removal from food processing industries wastewater using an integrated anaerobic baffled reactor-granular activated carbon (IABRGAC) was investigated. To evaluate the efficiency of IABRGAC, the effective parameters were studied such as hydraulic retention time (HRT) and GAC filling ratio.(More)
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