Samira Etahiri

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The organic extract of the red alga Sphaerococcus coronopifolius, collected along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, was tested for biological activities and exhibited antibiotic and antimalarial activities. Two new bromoditerpenes have been isolated from S. coronopifolius, sphaerolabdadiene-3,14-diol (1) and bromosphaerone (2), along with the known compounds(More)
Le criblage de l’activité antibactérienne in vitro des extraits de Padina pavonica, récoltée sur les côtes méditerranéennes d’El Mina, Tripoli, Liban, a été effectué sur cinq souches cliniques des bactéries: Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Proteus vulgaricus et Enterococcus faecalis. L’activité antimicrobienne a été évaluée(More)
The dichloromethane/methanol extract from the red alga Hypnea musciformis exhibited PPE elastase inhibition. A diketosteroid, the 20-hydroxy-5alpha-cholest-22-ene-3,6-dione was responsible for this activity. Two new steroids were isolated, 2 was assigned as the 6alpha-hydroxy-cholest-4-ene-3-one and 3 as the 6alpha-hydroxy-cholest-4,22-diene-3-one. The(More)
Marine algae are known to produce a wide variety of bioactive secondary metabolites and several compounds have been derived from them for prospective development of novel drugs by the pharmaceutical industries. However, algae of the Atlantic coast have not been adequately explored for their potential as a source of bioactive substances. In this context(More)
The aim of this work is the study of recycling urban primary sludge by in-vessel aerobic composting way. Two series of composting trials were carried out in an automated accelerated bioreactor in mixture with agricultural wastes: sugar beet leaves (C1); straw, sheep manure and sugar beet leaves (C2). Treatments were monitored with regard to physicochemical(More)
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