Samira Bahrami

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Pluripotent cells from the periosteal layer adjacent to cortical bone attain an osteoblast-like phenotype in culture when reaching confluence in monolayer. It is unknown whether such newly differentiated osteoblast-like cells preserve the chondrogenic potential characteristics for stem cells derived from the periosteum. Primary osteoprogenitor cells derived(More)
A generalized quantum distribution function is introduced. The corresponding ordering rule for non-commuting operators is given in terms of a single parameter. The origin of this parameter is in the extended canonical transformations that guarantees the equivalence of different distribution functions obtained by assuming appropriate values for this(More)
The effect of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in vivo after secretion by the parathyroid gland is mediated by bioactive fragments of the molecule. To elucidate their possible role in the regulation of cartilage matrix metabolism, the influence of the amino-terminal (NH2-terminal), the central, and the carboxyl-terminal (COOH-terminal) portion of the PTH on(More)
In a previous work the concept of quantum potential is generalized into extended phase space (EPS) for a particle in linear and harmonic potentials. It was shown there that in contrast to the Schrödinger quantum mechanics by an appropriate extended canonical transformation one can obtain the Wigner representation of phase space quantum mechanics in which(More)
Late cartilage differentiation during endochondral bone formation is a multistep process. Chondrocytes transit through a differentiation cascade under the direction of environmental signals that either stimulate or repress progression from one step to the next. In human costal cartilage, chondrocytes reach very advanced stages of late differentiation and(More)
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